Fic; Young Justice; makeshift (Dick/Roy, PG-13)

young justice | dick/roy | pg-13 | ~2,200
post-series. he knows he liked it better when dick was around.

a/n: for [ profile] echraide.

@ AO3

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Fic; Food Network RPS; some things don't come with recipes (Jason/Joshua, PG)

some things don't come with recipes
food network rps | jason/joshua | pg | ~1,927
culinary school era.

a/n: another fic from the hidden vaults of my personal journal. gosh, i really hope these dudes don't think to google their names together (they probably do).

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Fic; Food Network RPS; i dream of the day we find ourselves (Jason/Joshua, R)

i dream of the day we find ourselves
food network rps | jason/joshua | r | warning: adultery | ~1,723
through the years.

a/n: this was originally very locked comment fic i hid away because, you know, writing about dudes from the food network that no one really knows tends to lead to easy google results. and then today i found it and figured, fuck it, i might as well put it somewhere.

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Fic; The Voice; let's call it even (Adam/Blake, PG-13)

let’s call it even
the voice | adam/blake (usher/shakira) | pg-13 | ~3,707
art thieves au.

a/n: for [ profile] misprinting. uh, according to wiki the virgin and child with st. john the baptist does indeed belong to a private collector in new york, but it was wiki it or use something out of an episode of white collar so, no harm intended. also, everything i know about art comes from tv. this was meant to be not!fic to cheerlead lizzie after her day of exams and then became actual fic instead.

@ AO3

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fic; x factor; sometimes i wish it was easy (liam/louis, pg-13)

sometimes i wish it was easy
one direction | liam/louis | pg-13 | ~1,865
hs!au. liam and louis broke up four months ago.

a/n: for [ profile] harriet_vane. thanks to the beautiful [ profile] misprinting for being ever helpful.

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Fic; X Factor; signs of life (Niall/Zayn, PG-13)

signs of life by [ profile] finkpishnets
one direction | niall/zayn | pg-13 | ~1,763
what niall and zayn have is just casual. pregnancy screws that up. mpreg.

a/n: written for [ profile] looneyluna and the [ profile] 3point5seats holiday exchange. first of all, i’ve never written mpreg before. i’ve never written anything about pregnancy before, actually, nor have i ever been pregnant. so, uh, please take everything in this story with a pinch of salt. secondly, thanks to [ profile] kohlrimmedeye for reading this over for me, especially since her mpreg knowledge is second to none, and to [ profile] misprinting who is the best cheerleader ever.

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Fic; Gymnastics RPS; just want to stare into the light (Max/Sam, Kristian/Louis, PG-13)

just want to stare into the light by [ profile] finkpishnets
british gymnastics rps | sam/max, kristian/louis | pg-13 | ~5,587
boarding school au. in which louis and kristian co-host a radio show, everyone overuses twitter, and there’s far too much pining (mostly the oblivious sort).

a/n: for the [ profile] olympicminibb. thanks to [ profile] misprinting for looking this over for me and telling me i wasn’t completely crazy for scrapping all my original ideas in favour of something utterly dumb. i haven’t used any actual twitter usernames in this to make things less complicated (she says hopefully), and there is going to be at least one sequel. because i tangled myself up towards the end, and, uh, yeah. that’s for another time.

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Icons; Actors (x124)

[06] galen hooks, [23] daniela ruah, [06] eric christian olsen, [29] antonia thomas, [12] gemma chan, [06] jenna dewan-tatum, [06] gage golightly, [06] sinqua walls, [21] tyler posey, [15] naomie harris

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Fic; Young Justice/DCU; i am your gravity (Dick/Tim, PG-13)

i am your gravity by [ profile] finkpishnets
young justice/dcu | dick/tim | pg-13 | ~1,626
tim’s six years old when he falls in love.

a/n: this features kory/starfire because my comic!them is showing, and sort of includes comic events but in a muddled up yj time frame? written for my young justice comment ficathon and the prompt “just one dance...please?” and for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt “heartache”.

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Fic; The Newsroom; so full of these endless rhymes (Jim/Neal, PG-13)

so full of these endless rhymes by [ profile] finkpishnets
the newsroom | jim/neal | pg-13 | ~860
the first time they sleep together it’s an accident.

a/n: for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt “remedy”. no spoilers for anything.

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Fic; X Factor; live a little (Louis/Niall, PG)

live a little by [ profile] finkpishnets
the x factor (2010) | louis/niall | pg | ~1,695
college!au. in which everyone knows louis except niall.

a/n: for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt “first meeting”.

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Fic; South Park; because life, it can blind you (Stan/Kyle, PG-13)

because life, it can blind you by [ profile] finkpishnets
south park | stan/kyle | pg-13 | ~2,544
stan goes to college on the west coast whilst kyle ends up out east.

a/n: for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt "teenagers".

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Fic; Young Justice; yet another chapter (Conner/Tim, PG)

yet another chapter by [ profile] finkpishnets
young justice | pre-conner/tim | pg | ~1,075
coda to satisfaction. because someone had to remember.

a/n: for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt "balloons". thanks to [ profile] misprinting for reading this over for me.

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challenge; cottoncandy_bingo (round one)

Daily activities / routines / habits Better as friends No need to hurry Night in Remedy
Singing in the shower Music Snowglobe Afternoon First meeting
Cooking with someone Date WILD CARD Promise Heartache
Coffee / Coffee shop Sleeping on someone Running out of time Insecurities Teenager
Home Mask Reluctantly offering help / comfort Illness Balloons
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CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS: a multi-fandom olympics au ficathon


Since the 2012 summer Olympics are snapping at our heels, I was talked into running a ficathon by my twitter feed because apparently all any of us want or need right now are AU's in which our favourite people run/jump/swim/do other incredibly athletic things in front of the world. Then we decided that it should include the Ancient Olympics as well as the modern ones, and the winter Olympics and Paralympics too. So ANYTHING Olympics goes. Any fandom, any ship, any sport. On your mark, get set, go!


Fic; The Vampire Diaries; but they don't align for us (Anna/Jeremy/Damon, PG-13)

but they don’t align for us by [ profile] finkpishnets
The Vampire Diaries | Anna/Jeremy/Damon | PG-13 | comment!fic
Jeremy goes away with Anna at the end of season one. For this prompt at the MERRIER THE MORE ficathon.

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Fic; The Mortal Instruments; Only By Chance (Alec/Magnus, PG)

Only By Chance by [ profile] finkpishnets
The Mortal Instruments | Alec/Magnus (Simon/Jace) | PG | ~838
“You jumped out of a car going seven miles an hour,” Doctor Bane says. “Unfortunately stupidity isn’t something I can cure.”

A/N: Sequel to Nothing Like the Prequel. For the [ profile] au_bingo prompt ‘medical’. I'm considering making this a larger verse, but until then there's this.

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