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SO LET ME EXPLAIN. There's an episode of Criminal Minds called 'Heathridge Manor' where Kyle Gallner (HI BABY) plays a serial killer who thinks he's killing the Devil's wives, and he's also pretty much in love with his sister. There's canon kissage. They slow dance to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (which I've included on here just because). It's perfect. ANYWAY, I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] fractives about it ages ago and she'd mentally re-cast the sister with Juno Temple because, obviously, why wouldn't you re-cast everyone with Juno Temple? Anyway, it stuck because Kyle and Juno are adorable together, and I really wanted to make a Heathridge Manor sort-of-AU mix where no one ever catches them and they just keep on keeping on (by which I mean murdering people). You don't need to know the show or the episode or anything except ORPHANED SERIAL KILLER SIBLINGS IN LOVE. So.

(I have three other Kyle/Juno mixes on the go that are all various AU's but will probably come WITH FIC because who doesn't want to hear about new step siblings who hate each other/eventually have sex? Or teenage misfits in love? SO, YES, THERE WILL BE LOTS OF THESE TWO. SORRY NO ONE BUT MAY CARES.)

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everything is wrong | BLONDE REDHEAD
the devil's tears | ANGUS & JULIA STONE
sleep alone (909s in darktimes mix) | BAT FOR LASHES
like spinning plates (radiohead cover) | BELLA RUSE
he who can't dream | CALEB LANDRY JONES
misty eye (acoustic) | AIDEN GRIMSHAW
lego house (live) | LOICK ESSIEN
noro | BRAND NEW
black & gold (live) | GUILLEMOTS
smoke gets in your eyes | THE PLATTERS
no one's gonna love you | BAND OF HORSES


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