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and there are silhouettes behind your eyes
jenny/danny | pg-13 | ~967
[she shuts her eyes, blows smoke from her lungs, and pretends she was never sixteen and naïve even if being sixteen and naïve is the only reason she has the luxury to make believe.]

and love too, will ruin us
jenny/danny | pg-13 | ~697
[she hums under her breath as he drives, watching the world pass outside the window, and wonders if time always stands still when she’s by danny’s side, or if it’s another thing she’s likely to grow out of. she’s not entirely sure she wants to, but then that could be childish fantasy itself. for [personal profile] sciosophia.]


there'll be no blue memories then
luke/casey | r | ~3,136
[he finds luke stretched out besides the snyder pond, hands behind his head and looking deceptively relaxed; casey’s known him for too long, though, and can tell the difference between calm and the forced version that luke uses as a front more often than not.]


you're my playground love
mild panic!gsf (implied brendon/shane) | pg-13 | ~3,608
[“that poor boy,” spencer’s mom says later, whilst he and ryan do the dishes. “trying to take his own life. i blame the parents.” high school au. based on the virgin suicides.]

the smiles returning
ryan/tennessee | pg-13 | ~5,825
[in which z adopts ryan and introduces him to tennessee. the end.]

you can close your eyes (and forget you’re alive)
jon/ryan | pg-13 | ~2,743
[jon’s slumped in front of the tv in clothes he hasn’t changed for three days when cassie says she’s leaving.]

different pages of the same name
z/annie | pg | ~2,171
[annie won’t admit it aloud but she’s sort of ridiculously glad for the start of senior year. high school au. written for the real women fest.]

pretty little things
annie, laena | pg | ~917
[annie had been prepared for her first day of high school to suck, she just hadn’t realized it was going to suck this hard. high school au. prequel to different pages of the same name.]

just forget the world
pete/patrick (z/annie, past pete/mikey) | pg-13 | ~3,599
[the only thing pete really loves about high school is soccer. high school au. part of the different pages of the same name verse.]

the world is turning (in a different direction)
brendon/spencer (spencer/ryan) | pg-13 | ~3,005
[the girl smiles, bright and wide and spencer thinks ‘oh.’ genderswap au.]

well, i guess we should have seen it coming
pete/mikey | pg-13 | ~932
[for [personal profile] lemniciate's texts from last night fic fest and the prompt: (210): i just complicated the hell out of my summer by fucking him this early on.]

BEN 10

round in circles ('till we reach the end)
ben 10: alien force | ben/kevin | pg-13 | ~1,071
[ben doesn’t miss being a normal teenager, not really, but sometimes he can’t help but wonder what it would be like just to be another seventeen-year-old high school student, starting his college applications and looking forward to senior year.]

nothing but pretend truths
ben 10: alien force | ben/kevin (ben/julie, gwen/kevin) | r | ~2,112
[it starts with a kiss.]

like stories on a screen
ben 10: alien force | ben/kevin | pg-13 | ~1,017
[“no,” ben says, “seriously, does this mean you like me? does this mean you want to kiss me and go to prom and hold hands in the hallways?” au.]


we cling to the world and hope it's enough
hodgins, sweets | pg-13 | ~613
[he kind of wishes that sweets would tell him to shut the hell up and come see him in the morning before he gets too far into exactly what’s bothering him and ends up doing something stupid like crying.]

like looking through a clouded glass
hodgins/sweets | pg-13 | ~2,229
[three times hodgins and sweets bond over hot cocoa.]


we'll light a fire and breathe in deep.
danny/jez | r | ~2,183
[he kisses with as much enthusiasm as he dances, and jez wonders why that surprises him. it’s rushed and secretive, and lauren’s right downstairs talking to claudine and lola, but jez can’t quite bring himself to care.]

it's now or never but we're meant to be.
jez, lola | pg-13 | ~1,423
[it starts with a coffee between classes, her gossiping away cheerily about celebrities and reality tv shows and him pretending to listen whilst actually working through their latest dance routine in his head.]

drabble; heartbeats
jez/bb | pg | ~129


hands of a dreamer, charms of a gentleman
steve/howard | pg | comment!fic
[steve competes in the decathalon, and howard is his sponsor. he's also there, though steve doesn't realise it, every step of the way. olympics au.]


2 a.m.
harry potter/buffy the vampire slayer | ginny/oz | pg | ~2,352
[it's 2 a.m. and the streets of london are strangely empty.]

shades of red
harry potter/buffy the vampire slayer | ginny/oz | pg | ~238
[when he'd first met her he'd wondered whether it was the red hair that had attracted him, after all, it wasn't unusual for people to be drawn to those with similarities to their ex.]

everything we had
doctor who/roswell | rose, kyle | pg-13 | ~1,423
[he had been in a bar and a fight had started up; before he knew it, three guys were trying to take hits at him and his powers had decided to show themselves. he’d gained attention and, as she’d pointed out later, it had thankfully been by the right sort of person.]

the worst kind of trouble
doctor who/dead like me | doctor, delores, donna | pg-13 | ~1,207
["welcome to happy time," delores chirped, smiling widely at the man in front of her who looked rather confused. "i’m dolores herbig, as in ‘her big brown eyes’. how can i help you?"]

one more dream, one more goodbye
doctor who/life on mars | donna/gene | pg-13 | ~2,462
[it’s completely an accident, the doctor tells her; a chink in the vortex that ends up leaving them stranded, briefly, somewhere in the universe. nobody’s fault, just one of those things. donna would believe him except martha’s already told her about the time they were stuck in the sixties for months, and she’s pretty sure the doctor said the same thing then.]

our own collision course
buffy the vampire slayer/high school musical | dawn/ryan | pg-13 | ~2,316
[dawn calls buffy from the phone down the hall sixty minutes after arriving, even though she saw her, like, four hours ago and nothing exciting has happened except some guy dropping his tv down a flight of stairs and her dorm mate showing up for all of two minutes before heading out to some ‘totally rad’ party. it doesn’t matter though; buffy’s glad to hear from her and they chat for over half an hour before some girl starts ranting about needing to call her therapist. it’s nice to know she’s not the only one with anxieties about the whole college experience.]

these lines, so well rehearsed
buffy the vampire slayer/high school musical | dawn/ryan | pg | ~863
["was the phantom of the opera a demon?" written for [profile] penny_lane_42.]

blinking through dry eyes
brick/inception | brendan, arthur | pg-13 | ~1,306
[he's come to accept that reality is hazy if it even exists, every moment the manipulation of someone else's thoughts and desires that leave you broken and empty if you feel anything at all. written for inception_kink.]

walking through sunken dreams
doctor who/life on mars | donna/gene | pg-13 | ~2,847
[donna’s life is so boring it hurts. and then she’s held at gunpoint and suddenly it’s not.]

just another sign of post-apocalypse insanity
supernatural/good omens | gen | pg | ~583
[spoilers for 6x04 ‘weekend at bobby’s’. missing scene-ish.]


forget yourself
sammy/christian | pg-13 | ~2,373
[christian goes to stay with sammy’s family for the holidays and it’s not as weird as he thought it’d be.]


songs for fighters and sometimes dreamers
max/alec | pg | comment!fic
[written for the awesome ladies ficathon '10]


and i can almost see
joey/pacey | pg | ~1,764
[soulmate au.]


i am your gravity
dick/tim | pg-13 | ~1,626
[tim's six years old when he falls in love.]

drove for miles to the place i was told
jason/tim | pg-13 | comment!fic
[jason’s going to reap the benefits for as long as tim’s willing.]

we can light a match and burn it down
harvey/ivy | pg-13 | ~1,339
[we are the disaster zone. punk band au.]

you've been telling me all night
batgirl | steph brown/nick gage | pg-13 | ~1,924
[the thing about a really good exit line that they don’t tell you is that the next time you run into the recipient it just ends up being super awkward.]

the heat under your collar
jason/tim | pg-13 | prompt fill
[it’s been an hour and tim still has no idea what he’s doing here.]


crossing paper thin lines
declan/fiona | pg | ~1,380
[she knows she’s coping, knows she’s doing better, but it’s not the same. not enough.]

read me like a book
peter/riley | pg-13 | ~2,287
[in which riley needs help studying for exams, peter is jealous, and anya is no help whatsoever.]

through the chaos, making sense
declan/fiona | r | ~2,189
[they’re hansel and gretel except she’s the one in the cage. the decision to set her free has always been his.]

make mistakes and live for them
miles/zig | pg-13 | ~4,036
[“it’s possible,” miles says, dropping his bags carelessly to the floor, “that this is the worst thing to ever happen to me. which, let’s be honest, is a pretty huge feat.”
zig stares back at him with wide, unblinking eyes. “i told maya college was a bad idea.”
future fic.]

play it good and right
miles/zig | pg | ~1,300
["look," he says, taking the cell from miles' hands, "we seriously don't need to do this. it's a stupid cliché, and what's it even going to prove? besides, i was, like, ninety percent joking when i said it. also it was your sister's fault."
"it's always my sister's fault," miles says, sinking back into the plastic bench with a sigh. zig wants to kiss him, which isn't even a little bit new but still kinda freaks him out anyway.
future fic.]


drabble; cotton candy
selena gomez/david henrie | pg | ~250

let's forget to pretend we don't know the rules
selena gomez/jake t. austin (minor selena/justin & past selena/david) | pg-13 | ~3,236
[in which david is an annoying annoyer who annoys, justin is cute, jake is hot, and selena hates everyone.]


drabble; roadtrips in space
doctor/master | pg | ~163

we'll be their storybook heroes
sally sparrow (sally/larry) | pg | comment!fic
[written for the awesome ladies ficathon '10]

on the edge of dreams
rps | karen gillan/matt smith | pg | comment!fic
[written for the real women fest.]

never be lonely anymore
eleven/amy/rory | pg | ~1,016
[four weddings featuring the doctor, amy and rory.]


blank page
robert/aaron, rebecca | pg | ~2,336
[“i’ve decided we’re going to be friends.”
“you what?” aaron says, sure he must have misheard.

too hard, heart first
robert/aaron | pg-13 | ~6,812
[robert sugden's not a hero.]

right from under
robert/aaron, pg-13 | ~3,255
[five conversations robert has with a dingle about christmas.]

like a long way gone
robert/aaron, robert/oc | pg-13 | ~7,389
[“is the end of your relationship why you sought out therapy?” doctor chambers asks, and robert thinks about it, thinks about how it hurts to breathe sometimes, how he can’t sleep because the bed’s too big and too cold and too empty, how he still cooks for two or three or four.
“it’s why i’m
here,” he says, and reaches for the truth, “but i think i’ve needed it for a long time.”

or: a story about break ups, therapy, diy, self-insight, and finding your way home.]


soothe my soul, and i stop searching
hansel/gretel | pg-13 | comment!fic
[tear my castle down.]


tired with joy
aaron/darvish, aaron/darvish/chandra | pg | ~1,876
[it hadn’t taken as long as darvish had expected for the three of them to settle into chandra’s homestead.]


i dream of the day we find ourselves
jason/joshua | r | ~1,723
[through the years.]

some things don't come with recipes
jason/joshua | pg | ~1,927
[culinary school era.]


the constant in this forever moment
tim/tyra | r | ~1,146
[they all say it’s the greatest achievement of his life. the ‘so far’ doesn’t quite make it past their lips like it does with the other guys and he just grins bitterly because, honestly, who could expect anything much from tim riggins anyway?]


haven't seen the best of us yet
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~2,639
[nothing stays a secret in glee club, except the things that apparently do.]

(a pocket full of reasons) why you're here tonight
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~2,175
[sam and blaine connect at the lonely hearts club valentine's. s2 au.]

let me say it one more time
blaine/sam | r | ~1,296
[they crossed the line from dancing to foreplay miles back.]

just taking in the scenery
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~2,285
[blaine doesn’t say sam’s not my boyfriend because everyone stopped listening roughly a week after they met. s2 au.]

the end of history as we know
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~4,986
[sam evans is the newest cast member of hit teen show new directions. au]

a shot in the dark
blaine/sam | pg | ~2,030
[sam and blaine trip over each other at a gig. au.]

what you're dreaming of
blaine/sam | pg | ~2,185
[sam’s going to be alone for christmas, and blaine’s not going to let that happen. s4 au.]

pretending to be married/kissing to save the day
blaine/sam | pg | choose a trope

celebratory kiss
blaine/sam | pg | choose a trope

handcuffed together
blaine/sam | pg | choose a trope

the deep end
blaine/sam | pg | ~2,093
[the school are all a little overinvested in sam and blaine's relationship. s4 au.]

against the tide
sam/omc, blaine/sam | pg | ~6,968
[blaine gets married and sam searches for a fresh start. not!fic.]

might be a prayer
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~1,738
[he's always been good at reading blaine.]

make yourself shake fast enough
blaine/sebastian | pg-13 | ~1,957
[blaine and sebastian: the warped tour edition. au.]

shade our faces from the sun
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~2,242
[he’s in a motel bed with sam evans somewhere that’s not ohio and not new york, and the further they get from either the easier it is to breathe.]

until we spin the room
blaine/sam | pg | ~1,632
[god, blaine's grateful for sam evans. s3 au.]

catch up on all the lost times
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~879
[“i miss you,” sam says, because it’s true and because he thinks blaine should always know this stuff. “when are you back again?” future fic.]

get you back to good
blaine/sam | pg | ~589
[there’s a scarf in blaine’s locker the first day everything turns crisp enough to warrant layers, bottle green and soft to the touch, and he runs his fingers over it again and again as he wonders where it came from.]

the party isn't over tonight
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~10,387
[the band had been an accident. future fic.]

a face like heaven
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~882
[sam kisses him onstage.]

tell me you'll remember
blaine/sam | pg | ~3,469
[the world keeps turning, and blaine moves with it the way he's always done. immortality fic.]

but just maybe
blaine/sam | pg-13 | ~5,046
[i’m sixteen, he thinks, and wonders if anyone else holds onto their age like a mantra.]

rolling downhill
blaine/sam | pg | 1,778
[in which sam's avoiding blaine, and it's affecting the children.]

still my heart this moment
blaine/sam | pg-13 | 4,486
[sam died in the eighties. ghost au.]


just want to stare into the light
sam/max, kristian/louis | pg-13 | ~5,587
[boarding school au. in which louis and kristian co-host a radio show, everyone overuses twitter, and there’s far too much pining (mostly the oblivious sort).]


a cruel and unusual torture
remus/sirius | pg-13 | ~3,495
["have you actually looked at this list, prongs?" sirius asked, grabbing a crumpled ball of paper from beside his elbow and chucking it at the other boys’ head. "we have to run and shoot and dance, for merlin’s sake!"]

personal shadow
ron/theodore | r | ~2,594
[he may be paranoid (and rightly so considering that time he was, you know, poisoned), but this was not just his imagination. he was being stalked, and by a slytherin no less.]

forwards, we turn
teddy/victoire, albus/scorpius | pg | ~1,656
[teddy lupin really has no idea what possessed him to agree to this; he blames aunt hermione with her ‘oh, it will look so good on your resume’ and ‘it’s such an honour’ because one minute the headmistress is casually offering him a term’s work as professor vector’s teaching assistant, and the next he’s standing in the great hall a day before the students arrive, trunk at his feet, and thinking that this may be the craziest thing he’s ever done (including that time james and al persuaded him to drink three bottles of pepper-up in one go).]

drabble; after the war
ron/hermione | pg | ~596

time of our lives
remus/sirius, james/lily, peter/dorcas | pg-13 | ~13,572
[au. it’s the summer of 1977, and four boys are about to learn just how much can change over the course of a night. based on stories we could tell by tony parsons.]

just dashes across the heart
remus | pg | ~793
[he hadn’t cried. for the [community profile] hc_bingo prompt 'ostracised from society'. (also translated into french by [personal profile] jukavasb here.)]

find me between the second hands
james/teddy | pg-13 | ~1,521
[the important things in james potter’s life can all be counted on one hand: teddy, his family, teddy, his work, and teddy.]


hopeful minds
john paul/craig | pg | ~592
[he hasn’t heard from craig since that day in the airport. the day when he walked away because craig couldn’t admit what he was, what they were, and john paul knew he couldn’t live like that again.]

i know we'll make it anywhere (away from here)
john paul/craig | pg-13 | ~2,959
[when the inevitable fallout shakes the village down to its core, john paul runs.]

painted in faded bruises
john paul/craig | pg-13 | ~1,305
[when craig gets back to dublin, beaten and bruised and so shaken he can barely stand, john paul refuses to leave his side for three days.]


these hit and run sensations
sam/freddie | pg-13 | ~1,905
[freddie gets hit by a truck saving carly and sam freaks out. coda to ‘isaved your life’.]

the things we don't say
sam/freddie | pg | ~1,119
[sam’s become so integrated in his life that he can’t imagine what it’d be like without her.]

you're the barrel, i'm the bullet
sam/freddie | pg-13 | ~1,029
[in which sam and freddie make out on carly’s bed.]


amidst paper kisses
arthur/ariadne, cobb/mal | pg-13 | ~2,257
[in which they form a study group, dom’s pigheaded, arthur has a crush, and eames is just amused as hell by it all. hogwarts au.]

collecting stolen moment
arthur/ariadne/eames | r | ~1,120
[it wasn’t meant to happen until it did, a haze of too much booze and not enough sleep and the phone call none of them received from cobb.]

three minute love games
arthur/eames, cobb/mal, robert/ariadne | pg-13 | ~1,342
[they all go speed dating. au.]

inside the walls you build
arthur/eames | pg-13 | comment!fic
[prompt: eames and arthur go house shopping, but not necessarily because they’re living together. nothing too domestic.]

not another repeat
rps | jgl, cillian | pg | comment!fic
[when joe gets the role in batman, the first person he calls after his mom and dad is cillian.]


a transition in time
sam/gene | r | ~1,202
[the antique clock on the mantelpiece struck three; the low, dull chime echoing superfluously through the house and succeeding only in making an unperceived shadow jump as it straightened itself out next to the window frame.]


a change in pressure
steve cortez/james vega | pg-13 | ~2,889
[the thing is, james doesn't get jealous. which is all great, seriously, except for the part where he pretty much wants to shoot something every time esteban gets that look on his face.]


the promises we make
rps | bradley/colin | r | ~685
[it’s three o’clock in the morning and he’s finally arrived in london, grumbling after the cabby who he’s sure just overcharged him, and lugging a bag that he’s sure wasn’t this heavy when he left france. ]

under cloudless skies, destinies collide
merlin/arthur | pg | ~419
[the air surrounding camelot is stifling, the sun burning too close to the ground and ushering people into the shade of their homes; the city streets are all but deserted, only the bravest of men venturing out for fresh water and hurrying back before it begins to evaporate.]

beyond the magic, the future burns
merlin/morgana | pg | ~485
[the day uther finds out is the day that darkness falls on camelot.]

drabble; denial
merlin/arthur | pg | ~212


nathan/kelly | pg-13 | drabble
[translated into russian by [profile] inkdaisy here.]

these pavement thoughts
nathan/kelly | pg-13 | comment!fic
[written for the awesome ladies ficathon '10.]

we're standing at the edge of something
nathan/kelly | pg-13 | ~1,625
[“immortality,” nathan says. “which makes my power cooler than all of yours, so blow me.”]

you couldn't see the world (if you could see at all)
simon/alisha | pg-13 | ~1,738
[space au. simon’s been living on the station for two years now, though if you asked anyone about him they’d frown, a “who?” caught on their tongues, and that’s okay. it would hurt more if they could actually see him.]


nothing like the prequel
simon/jace | pg-13 | ~3,891
[if he’s being honest with himself (and in no way has to say the words aloud), simon gets the appeal. mundane high school au.]

only by chance
alec/magnus, simon/jace | pg | ~838
[“you jumped out of a car going seven miles an hour,” doctor bane says. “unfortunately stupidity isn’t something i can cure.”]


like an arrow to the heart
roman | cupid/psyche | pg | ~2,169
[high school au. he has a pretty sweet gig going on; his grades are good, people are actually starting to pay for his help finding their ‘soulmate’, and he always has a date for parties. and then she shows up.]


if i could be in your dream
owen/lila | pg | ~1,141
[they spend the weekend sitting on her floor, drinking tea and eating toast and talking about everything and nothing. post-finale.]


so full of these endless rhymes
jim/neal | pg-13 | ~860
[the first time they sleep together it’s an accident.]


hand across my heartbeat
alice/will | pg-13 | ~2,644
[“it’s so good to see you, will,” she says and isn’t surprised by how overwhelming the truth of it feels.]


a breath to notice
ethan chandler & vanessa ives | pg | ~1,877
[they’re bound in blood, and god knows that’s a dangerous thing to be.]


and onwards, and onwards
nico/bianca | pg | comment!fic


it's something unavoidable
alan rickman/emma thompson | pg | comment!fic
[she’s been married to alan for longer than she’s been married to greg, and yes it’s an act, but aren’t all great love affairs?]

nothing like victory (but all the same)
america's next top model | laura/allison | pg-13 | ~1,867
[no one asks allison what her reasons for coming back on the show are.]


then you'll wake up
simon/raphael | pg-13 | ~3,528
[“how is the training going?” clary asks, and simon shrugs, resisting the urge to pull a face.
“well, raphael hasn’t staked me yet, so that’s progress.”

your left hand man
simon/raphael | pg-13 | ~3,958
[“okay,” simon says, shoving a shirt back into the overly ornate closet that takes up half his room, “this isn’t a nineties movie. there’s not going to be a shopping montage to indie rock chick music, and even though tiny backpacks are probably cool again, please don’t ever buy one.”
raphael looks at him like he’s a moron. “Do
you even understand half the stuff that comes out of your mouth?”]

"i can't believe you talked me into this."
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[“love is not blackmail,” he says, and raphael rolls his eyes.
“it is in your hands.”

"if you die, i'm gonna kill you."
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[“new rule,” raphael says eventually, “no propositions during life or death scenarios.”
simon snorts. “you’re a death scenario.”

"i thought you were dead."
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[“i thought you were dead,” raphael says, and simon swallows.
“…i hate to tell you this, but…”

"come over here and make me."
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[raphael’s managed to go a lifetime without subjecting the occupants of hotel dumort to a screaming match in the grand hall, which isn’t something he would have considered an achievement before camille had the bright idea to turn simon lewis.]

"do you...well...i mean...i could give you a massage?"
simon/raphael | pg-13 | prompt fill
[“i’m relaxed. i’m so relaxed. i’m the most relaxed I could ever be,” he says because his mouth’s a traitor.
raphael raises an eyebrow. “sure,” he says, “okay. did you want a cushion for your lap?”

pocketful of sunshine
simon/raphael | pg-13 | ~6,064
["simon's stalking a high schooler," jace says.
"okay," simon says, sitting up and pointing at him. "he's eighteen. you heard him say so yourself."
in which raphael's a high school senior, simon's kind of a stalker, and jace is done with everyone. au-verse.]

"teach me how to play?"
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[“hi,” simon says, nudging raphael’s shoulder with his own.
“hi,” raphael says and doesn’t even roll his eyes. simon’s so fond of him.

when there's no ground
simon/raphael | pg-13 | ~2,780
[“what do I do?” simon asks, and magnus nods like it’s the right question.
“you can stop playing shadowhunter and start being a vampire,” he says. “you can fix what you broke.”

“we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
simon/raphael | pg | prompt fill
[the seelies are sneaky, sneaky faeries, and simon’s sure he’d be incredibly upset with them for spiking his drinks if everything wasn’t so very shiny and swirly and shiny.]

“i think i’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” / “well this is awkward…”
simon/raphael | pg-13 | prompt fill
[it’s a secret — one he’s kept from clary and raphael and himself — and part of him doesn’t want to give it up.]

like rolling thunder
magnus/alec | pg | ~1,757
[magnus sends him fire messages every day.]

click my heels
simon/raphael | pg | ~1,010
[simon’s ninety-nine percent sure that this is the worst decision he’s ever made. high school au.]

"is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"
simon/raphael | pg-13 | prompt fill
[college au.]

back, to the time.
simon/raphael | pg-13 | ~1,939
[he’d said the words in the heat of the moment but it didn’t mean they didn’t still ring true, had to by clan law, and the nausea pushes at his anger as he digs his nails into his palms.

traitor, traitor, traitor, he thinks and only sees penitent eyes looking back.]

"have you lost your damn mind!?"
simon/raphael | pg-13 | prompt fill
[a lifetime ago this is all they had; hands curling around elbows, shoulders brushing, eyes sharing a moment of understanding. nothings that stretched and pulled into somethings.

somethings that could have been everythings if simon hadn’t run scared.]


because life, it can blind you
stan/kyle | pg-13 | ~2,544
[stan goes to college on the west coast whilst kyle ends up out east.]


we walk this path
hanschen/ernst | pg-13 | ~2,851
[modern day boarding school au. in which hanschen's fully ready to admit he's a slut, and falling in love with ernst is not part of the plan.]


drabble; one of these things is not like the other
kirk/mccoy | pg-13 | ~216


i wake up lonely
clay/tony | pg-13 | ~1,872
[he’s been running on empty for days, weeks, forever, and he’s so far past the point of exhaustion that he can’t quite believe he’s really standing.]


you and me, alone together
co/doctor who | ianto, doctor | pg | ~1,365
[ianto jones had stood by and watched as jack had returned, full of exciting and dangerous stories. he’d stood by as the rest of the team had greeted their boss back with open arms and wide smiles, barely mentioning the worry he’d put them through or the way they’d searched for him in a panic. he’d stood by as everything seemingly went back to normal, leaving him invisible once again, because he was, after all, only the tea boy. he’d stood by and he hadn’t complained.]

we rebel against our better judgement (and fall despite our best intentions)
ianto/owen | r | ~1,804
[like all great stories, it starts with an ‘i love you’.]

and then we watch things disappear
ianto/owen | r | [profile] 1sentence challenge
[a series of unrelated moments in a tumultuous relationship.]

all we have can never be
ianto/owen | r | ~2,635
[once upon a time, in a land full of hills and trees and sprawling fields, there lived a young man named ianto jones.]

a world of goodbye's
ianto/owen | r | ~2,896
[the destruction of the city happened gradually.]

as lovers go
owen/suzie | pg-13 | ~798
[‘what will you be doing this time next year, do you suppose?’ she asks him, dark hair splayed out on soft pillows and fingers playing with a crease in the bedspread.]

four birthdays owen harper spent alone (and one he had no choice not to)
owen gen | r | ~665

of day's off and unplanned drunkenness
ianto, gwen | r | ~1,481
[the rift has decided that, for the first time in weeks, it’s going to behave itself which is both a relief and very slightly worrying.]

it only takes a heartbeat for our plans to change
co/doctor who | owen, ten | pg-13 | ~532
[there’s a lot of really bright light that doesn’t seem to be the nuclear kind, and he’s feeling really, really dizzy, and sort of nauseous.]

of broken hearts and twisted minds
tosh, martha | pg | comment!fic
[written for the awesome ladies ficathon '10.]


not so bad (if you're doing it right)
marshall/lionel | r | ~605
[sex with courtney was kind of like a math quiz. sex with lionel is more like drowning.]

here's to you, baby blue
marshall/lionel | pg | ~599
[it's lionel's idea.]


but they don't align for us
anna/jeremy/damon | pg-13 | comment!fic
[jeremy goes away with anna at the end of season one.]

waiting for you to knock me down
jeremy/tyler | pg | comment!fic
[somehow they both end up on the olympic field hockey team. olympics au.]


let's call it even
adam/blake (usher/shakira) | pg-13 | ~3,707
[art thieves au. it takes adam less than ten seconds to say yes when carson calls him about the job.]


drabble; sandwich
alex/justin | pg | ~366


when you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~1,671
[matt doesn’t understand why people say aiden never smiles.]

stepping stones
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~4,733
[“this is going to be crazy,” matt says, eyes wide, and aiden grins. “yeah,” he says, “but it’s going to be fun too.”]

strangers for a moment
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~6,700
[au. in which aiden comes out, is sent to counselling, and gets matt as a mentor.]

wishing on a wishing star
liam/louis (matt/aiden) | pg-13 | ~4,132
[au. “okay,” louis says, grinning into liam’s collarbone. “also, you’re my favourite.” “i know,” liam says, and louis may be imagining it but he thinks he sounds a little sad. “you’re my favourite too.” sequel to strangers for a moment.]

(we are) the kids from yesterday
liam/louis, matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~2,127
[au. there’s a board on liam’s wall full of pictures of the most important people in his life.]

nicotine stain
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~3,008
[a seventies au ficmix.]

wake the sun (with [profile] paperclipbitch)
matt/aiden | nc-17 | ~1,080
[there’s the sound of waves and faint laughter and this is much too public, could end everything before it’s even begun. originally written entirely via text message. members locked at [profile] aidenmatt.]

the silence beneath your skin
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~2,242
[au. matt has magic at his fingertips, too many thoughts in his head, and an inability to speak. aiden just makes things worse.

'cause time means nothing
liam/louis (matt/aiden) | pg-13 | ~2,981
[au. liam’s a little worried he’s going to have to accept that it’s an actual crush.]

the very first page
matt/aiden | pg-13 | ~4,207
[it had started as a joke, he and ali trying to make some extra money by helping a few local girls sort out their weddings, organising the flowers and cake and finding people to fix the bridesmaid dresses when they got stepped on amongst tears and tantrums. matt hadn’t expected to actually be good at it. wedding planner au.]

all the tomorrows in the world
matt/aiden | pg | comment!fic
[they buy a house when they’ve been married a year and a half because matt’s flat is great, but it isn’t theirs. for [personal profile] meowsaystheemo.]

what i say & what i mean
liam/niall | pg-13 | ~3,757
[liam winces as she discreetly slips her shoes off under the table, the heels rubbing across her latest set of blisters; her head’s fuzzy with tiredness and the single vodka and coke she’d accepted earlier and the club’s too full and too loud, music pounding between the walls. genderswap.]

somewhere a clock is ticking
harry/niall | pg-13 | ~6,694 | [profile] 1sentence challenge
[50 unrelated stories between two people.]

the distance between us
matt/aiden | r | ~2,874
[matt and aiden stop whatever thing it is they have three months after matt’s crowned winner.]

princess niall and the gift of true love
not!fic | liam/louis/harry/niall (matt/aiden) | pg-13 | ~5,240
[au. in which there is a magic, boy-giving bag, ridiculous quests, and a happy ending. or: the most ridiculous thing i've ever written.]

what it means to be living
louis/harry, louis/liam, harry/liam | pg | comment!fic
[key moments in louis' life. for [personal profile] misprinting.]

knowing you the way i do
zayn, niall | pg | ~1,057
[zayn meets a boy who turns out to be a princess.]

untitled by [personal profile] misprinting
niall/zayn | pg | comment!fic
[the day of princess niall’s eighteenth birthday is so full of feasts and jousting for his hand in marriage that it’s not until nearly midnight that niall can sneak away down to the stables to visit zayn and the horses.]

we could fall apart with things unsaid
not!fic | liam/louis, harry/niall | r | ~5,433
[the band could be over before it's even begun. sex does that.]

wrapped up in burning skies
matt/aiden(/rihanna) | r | ~1,348
[dystopic au. she smells like motor oil and dusk and when she appears it’s with a roar, the wheels of her bike skidding on dust and spinning the world on its axis.]

go, go, go (i'm right behind you)
liam/tom fletcher (mcfly) | pg | ~1,869
[it had actually taken liam a while to realise he had a crush on tom. for [profile] rabiduschathoi & [community profile] help_japan.]

carry on, just a little
liam/tom | pg | ~671
[missing scene. for [profile] wastedtiara.]

dreams at sixteen
niall/lauren alaina (american idol 2011) | pg | ~2,498
[she listens and she files and she sings and then she takes a breath and starts all over again. it’s a lot but it’s all she wants.]

your name in my memory
harry/gemma | pg-13 | comment!fic
[for [personal profile] tellcincinnati.]

the best things occur in theory
zayn/geneva | pg | comment!fic
[boy!geneva/girl!zayn, first date. for [profile] quintenttsy.]

we're not going anywhere
matt/aiden | pg-13 | comment!fic
[unsent texts. for [profile] digitalviolets.]

and this could be just like old times
niall/aiden | pg | comment!fic
[they meet again in america while they're both doing taking over the music world. for [personal profile] misprinting.]

moving to our own vibrations
geneva/rebecca | pg-13 | comment!fic
[for [personal profile] paintingfire.]

give me all these carefree afternoons
niall/zayn | pg | comment!fic
[the x factor house is the xavier mansion and everyone's a mutant. for [profile] quintenttsy.]

live a little
louis/niall | pg | ~1,695
[university au. in which everyone knows louis except niall.]

signs of life
niall/zayn | pg-13 | ~1,763
[what niall and zayn have is just casual. pregnancy screws that up. mpreg.]

sometimes i wish it was easy
liam/louis | pg-13 | ~1,865
[au. liam and louis broke up four months ago.]


i'm my own damn traitor (and maybe that's okay)
first class | rps | lucas till/nick hoult | pg-13 | comment!fic
[according to jennifer, nick’s the epitome of tall, dark and handsome, which makes him sexy, but the english accent is what makes him fuckable. lucas might hate her a little bit.]

lost somewhere in the history
hank/alex (lorna/alex) | pg | comment!fic
[once, before everything had fallen to shit and they’d learnt that all naivety got you was a handful of broken dreams and a less metaphorical broken jaw, alex had told hank that he loved him.]

the promises of men
bobby/warren | pg | ~663
[he’d been about to say “my boyfriend’s a cop” which, uh, in hindsight may not have gone over so well with the bad guys. au.]

loved like an ace
first class | darwin/alex | pg | comment!fic
[i only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me. college au.]


in this town of ones and zeros
scout/will (jake/hamilton) | pg | ~1,985
[at seventeen scout stops chasing bella.]


the shoulders of a gentleman
billy/teddy | pg | comment!fic
[billy is at all of the pre-olympic meets supporting his brother (tommy, sprinter), and teddy's a wild card long distance runner who doesn't believe in himself. olympics au.]


yet another chapter
pre-conner/tim | pg | ~1,075
[coda to satisfaction. because someone had to remember.]

i believe the world is burning to the ground
dick/tim | pg-13 | comment!fic
[socialites au.]

pushing buttons like an episode
steph/tim | pg | comment!fic
[the spoiler in young justice.]

to know what to say
jaime/tim | pg | comment!fic
[best two out of three.]

dick/roy | pg-13 | ~2,200
[post-series. he knows he liked it better when dick was around.]

under sideways down
jaime/bart | pg | ~1,632
[future fic. jaime’s heart feels too full, his feet too heavy, and he wonders if love leaves everyone so uncomfortable in their own skin.]

little pieces of the nothin’ that fall
pre-kaldur/roy | pg-13 | ~2,073
[post-series. it takes six months for kaldur to realize he’s doing little more than treading water. for [personal profile] misprinting.]

it's the way that you fake it
dick/artemis, jaime/bart, conner/tim | pg-13 | ~2,604
[dick and artemis are not a topic of conversation, tim’s not a stalker, and jaime’s not sure how he and bart are the functional ones. non-superpowered high school/college au.]

fireflies keep shining
dick/tim, jaime/bart, tim/jaime/bart | pg-13 | ~2,030
[tim's life would be so much easier if he just had to deal with one emotional mess at a time. band au.]

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